I want to visit a Dentist for…

Dental Braces are common solution if you have one of the following conditions


While the above list in representative of the main reasons why dental braces might be prescribed by an orthodontist or dentist, ignoring treatment (or the use of braces) could lead to other health issues such as gum diseases, tooth decay, ear aches and headaches.

 The use of braces in adults may start at any age, but the rule of thumb is to commence their use as soon as an issue is detected. Generally speaking, the earlier the need for braces is determined (and commenced), the shorter and less costly the treatment can be.

Braces not only help with teeth issues but also add layers of confidence in ones social relationships. Overall it gives you a healthier smile and happiness.

At NW1 Dental Care  we also provide various options for Invisible Braces. These are clear aligners which are almost invisible so all so noone would effectively know that you taking a orthodontic treatment. Call us and book your FREE consultation if you think you want to improve you want your healthier smile.

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