What to Expect in a Professional Teeth Whitening Treatment?

Do you often hide your smile due to stained or discoloured teeth?  Your smile is one of the first things people notice about you and we should all be showing off those pearly whites on every occasion! However, sometimes no matter how well we maintain our oral hygiene, our teeth still become dull or discoloured.

Don’t get disheartened if your teeth are not as bright as they once were. Lifestyle factors like smoking, food, and drinks we consume, or even ageing can all have a negative impact and result in teeth appearing yellow, stained or discoloured.

Well if this sounds like you, then the good news is that all of this could be easily fixed with professional teeth whitening from a dentist. The treatment is proven to be effective in making your teeth brighter to a natural whiter appearance and remove stains. The procedure isn’t complicated as some people might think, but rather it is in fact the most requested minimally invasive cosmetic dental treatment in the UK.

Given there are various teeth whitening options available, let’s have a closer look to see what’s involved in professional teeth whitening and how it’s different to other whitening treatments.

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Professional Teeth Whitening vs Home Teeth Whitening 

Should you try at-home teeth whitening kits or visit a dentist to whiten your teeth? – This is a common question many people have when considering teeth whitening. For some people, the fear of visiting a dentist, having a tight budget or doing it at the convenience of your own time at home (DIY) are strong arguments to choose home teeth whitening kits. However, if you look closer the home kits might not be convenient or cheap options as you initially thought !


Initially, it may seem that the cost of professional teeth whitening from a dentist is very high compared to home kits or over-the-counter (OTC) whitening strips but in the long run, it isn’t. It’s true that the home kits or white strips are less expensive than professional whitening but you should also know that these products are not nearly as powerful as the whitening solution used in dentist teeth whitening. So even if it’s less costly in the beginning you will need multiple, frequent treatments over a long period of time to keep the same level of whiteness.

Though whitening strips or trays attract people as a popular cheap option, but at the end of the year one may end up spending the same if not more as the professional teeth whitening at a dental clinic.


As these home whitening kits or strips are to a certain degree less effective you will end up making several visits to the store and more importantly undergoing this treatment multiple times.

How much time do you want to spend with these home strips or trays in your mouth? Depending on the method you are using you may be required to leave the trays on your mouth for several hours or overnight. Ultimately, you spend a lot of time doing this treatment repeatedly for several days all-round the year.

On the other hand, professional teeth whitening at the dentist’s office doesn’t take that much effort or time. It could just be done quickly with a short visit to your dentist over your lunch break and depending on no. of sessions you want it still doesn’t take that much time compared to whitening kits or strips. Also, the results of professional tooth whitening from dentists can last up to 3 years. Teeth whitening reaches deep below the surface of your teeth to brighten and whiten from the inside out


Professional teeth whitening at the dental Clinic is also beneficial as the dentist can examine your teeth and determine if tooth whitening will be beneficial or effective in your case. People with decayed teeth, crown, and old filling in front teeth may not find teeth whitening to be effective. The OTC whitening strips may cause tooth sensitivity, while overuse can damage your teeth. Whereas a dentist can decide on the best method and also help patients with gum sensitivity.

For people not suitable or for whom teeth whitening might not be effective the dentist can provide other cosmetic options to help you attain the goals more easily.

Professional Teeth Whitening Process at the Dental Clinic

The professional teeth whitening treatment is very straight forward, simple, and doesn’t involve any drilling.  So, you shouldn’t have any anxiety or fears about seeing the dentist – there will be no drilling 🙂

Step One :

You will have an initial consultation with the dentist to check if you are suitable for teeth whitening. If you suffer from teeth sensitivity, are pregnant or breastfeeding, have thin or transparent teeth, etc.. the dentist will examine and advise if you are a suitable candidate for teeth whitening.

Step Two :

Once you are an acceptable candidate and before beginning this whitening procedure the dentist will examine and ensure that there no other outstanding issues that may affect the whitening process.  For example, the dentist will look at dental issues like cracks, cavities or receding gum which may be get affected by the whitening process.

The dentist or hygienist may recommend professional teeth cleaning to remove any plaque, stuck food particles or any other build-up in your mouth. This not only helps towards your oral hygiene but also helps in getting better teeth whitening results i.e brighter teeth as it removes any film or coating on your teeth

Step 3 (Optional) :

The dentist may determine the shade of your tooth and take a before picture of your teeth. You can use this picture at the end to compare the results at the end of treatment.

Step 4 :

The dentist will place a cheek retractor, that exposes your teeth for whitening treatment. The dentist then applies a protective resin or gel barrier that hardens to keep your gums from being irritated. After this, an actual bleaching gel or whitening product is applied to the teeth.

Laser light is now pointed towards the teeth to activate the gel. The actual bleaching gel breaks down into reactive components that target the stains and removing them from the teeth. The process is carefully monitored and repeated over 2-3 times in about around an hour’s time.

After this time, the protective guard is removed and you are able to see the results straight away.

Aftercare & Maintenance

Easy, peasy – no hassle at all. If you want the teeth to be even brighter and whiter you can have additional treatments but after a certain amount of days.

For maintenance,  just keep brushing your teeth daily and flossing regularly which will not keep your teeth brighter but also keep your teeth healthy. You may also then use whitening toothpaste, brushing your teeth with baking soda or use whitening dental floss to boost or help maintain that bright smile. Try avoiding food and drinks that stain your teeth for long-lasting results.

However, if later you then have poor oral hygiene, smoke or like consuming food and drinks like coffee, red wine, tea etc..that stain your teeth then it’s best to visit your dentist for follow-up sessions.

Teeth whitening is one of the most popular cosmetic dentistry treatments. Anyone who has had professional teeth whitening will agree that it’s well worth the cost. The best part of having your professional teeth whitening is that once you see your results you are so happy showing your bright smile and everyone notices it. So you not only regain or improve your smile appearance but also get a boost in confidence. It is a quick way to enhance smiles for special occasions like weddings, parties or work.

You may visit a reputed dental practice in London and get teeth whitening done by the professionals only. Teeth whitening is just a part of all your dental needs but having those fresh, bright teeth are encouraging enough to keep one improve his or her dental care. So don’t let your smile keep you from smiling!

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