What is the Cost of Invisible Braces?

Invisible braces are now one of the most searched items for people considering teeth straightening. Until recently, the idea of braces made people imagine clunky metal brackets being glued to your teeth and tied together by wires and tiny rubber bands. It also reminded people of their childhood and wearing metal braces and having painful adjustments. Thankfully, with the advance in technology, there is now much more discreet ways to straighten your teeth via Invisible braces systems to achieve that dream smile. These Invisible braces give all the benefits of traditional braces but instead of showing eye-catching metal brackets are virtually invisible so that no one can notice them. As a result, the demand of orthodontic treatment in adults has skyrocketed in the last few years leading to the creation of a number of clear, removable, and hidden braces.

At NW1 Dental Care, we offer a wide range of invisible braces options to our patients. We offer a free braces consultation with our experienced dentists who will listen to all your concerns, examine your case, and then advise the best suitable treatment that will suit you. We will provide a no-obligation treatment plan and we will answer all your questions to help you make a decision if you want to go ahead to achieve your amazing new straight smile.

There are no hidden fees and we can offer a package that also includes free teeth whitening, teeth contouring, and retainers. Below is a rough guide to give you an overview of the cost of invisible braces at NW1 Dental Care.

Invisalign from £2,000

Invisalign is one of the most popular and leading invisible braces systems in the world. It has straightened over 9 million smiles worldwide. It is also the most requested Invisible braces system requested at our clinic. A set of individually prescribed clear aligners to gradually move the teeth bit by bit into the desired position are used to straighten the teeth. These are also removable so you can enjoy your food, drink and easily brush or floss your teeth.

The average price for Invisalign treatment in London is £4,000. However, if only a minor crowding or spacing needs to be fixed then you may be suitable for Invisalign Express where prices start from £2,000. We offer various payment options including 0% interest plan for 6-12 months or an interest-bearing plan for longer-term.

Inman Aligners from £1700

Inman aligner is one of the popular braces systems used to correct teeth issues with the front teeth only. They are not fully invisible like Invisalign but less visible or discreet as they form a thin clear band in front of the teeth which is not easily seen. They work quite fast (6-18 weeks) and relatively cheaper than full orthodontic treatment. Cost of course depends on the complexity of the case but it could be as low as £1700.

NW1 Dental Care - Inman Aligner London

Simpli5 from £1600

Simpli5 is an Invisible orthodontic solution that uses a set of 5 custom-made clear aligners designed to correct minor to moderate crowding or spacing of the front teeth by straightening teeth and help improve patient confidence. It will involve wearing a series of five trays over the course of a few months where each one shifts teeth up to .5 mm and gradually moving the teeth into the desired position. Simpli5 prices start from £1600. However, the cost of the Simpli5 normally depends on the severity of your condition and whether a full five trays are needed.

NW1 Dental Care - Simpli5 London

Six-month Smile from £1800

This is a USA fixed braces system where the braces are made to match the colour of your natural teeth, so they are less visible than a mouth full of shiny metal brackets. The tooth coloured brackets and wires are small and very discreet which move your teeth into the desired position in 6 months. The procedure is highly effective in managing less complicated dental issues and provides incredible results faster compared to other comprehensive full mouth orthodontic treatments.

A six-month smile is a cheaper procedure than conventional braces and the treatment will vary a little from patient to patient. The price starts from £1800.

NW1 Dental Care - 6 month smiles London

Clear braces from £2,200

These are also fixed braces that attach to your teeth like a train track but again have ceramic tooth coloured brackets. We offer Damon Clear, In-Ovation C, and Inspire ICE clear braces which are all discreet fixed braces that can treat most of the cases including complex ones.

The treatment lasts around 12 months. Average prices are around £4000.

NW1 Dental Care - damon-clear-london

Smilelign from £1800

Smilelign is another brand of clear aligners that have been in the market since 1997. They are UK based and not as popular as Invisalign and not many clinics offer this braces system. The main difference between Smilelign and Invisalign is that it offers an option of pre-aligners where patients get an option of ‘try before you buy’ where they can check if clear aligners are right for them for a small fee of around £150-200 without having to commit to full treatment.

Again, prices aren’t fixed and will depend on the complexity of your case but they normally average start from as little as £1800.

NW1 Dental Care - Smilelign London

Lingual Braces from £2500

Lingual Braces work in a similar way as traditional braces but with the difference that they are discreet as braces are concealed behind your teeth, completely hidden from sight to then apply pressure from behind to move teeth into the desired position. It consists of custom-made gold bracket casting and normally requires an orthodontist to carry out the procedure. The treatment is bespoke for you and can treat cases requiring complex movements, mild to severe crowding, spacing, and teeth that don’t bite together correctly, etc. We use Incognito Lingual braces which are more expensive than Invisalign or other clear braces and our prices start from £2500 and the average price is £7000.

NW1 Dental Care - incognito lingual braces London

Interest-free payment options available

Achieving a beautiful and healthy smile at an affordable cost is just as important to us as it is to you. It is, for this reason, we offer competitive prices and offer different payment options.

You may invest in your smile in a few different ways. Either you pay upfront or spread the cost of braces treatment through 3rd party or NW1 Dental care payment plans. We do offer 0% finance plans (subject to eligibility). Book your free consultation to find out which treatment suits you the best and discuss the various payment options with our team.

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