Dental Veneers in Camden, North London


Veneers are a custom made thin layer of porcelain which covers the front of your tooth to make your smile perfect. The appearance and strength of veneers rivals that of natural teeth and these are widely used cosmetically to enhance the smile. They help to mask gaps, cover chipped, discoloured, crowded or protruding teeth. The veneer fits right over the front surface of the tooth to give you that beautiful lovely sparkling smile, similar to way false fingernails cover your nail.  Many celebrities have them fitted such as Cheryl Fernandez-Versini , Tulisa, Miley Cyrus and Katie Price. NW1 Dental Care are pleased to offer dental veneers in Camden, North London.


Reasons to have veneers


  • Cosmetically create a  brighter, white and beautiful sparking smile
  • Cover severely discoloured teeth
  • Correct misshapen teeth
  • Close unwanted spaces
  • Cover worn or chipped teeth
  • Cover crooked teeth




Veneer procedure usually requires two appointments. Little or no anaesthesia is needed. Teeth preparation involves the dentist removing about half a millimetre of enamel from the front of the tooth surface, which will roughly be the same amount of thickness of the veneer fitted. An impression is taken and shade is chosen to match the required shade.


On the second appointment the teeth are cleaned, polished and etched to create a strong bond. Bonding cement is applied to the veneer, which is then placed onto your tooth. Once the veneer is correctly positioned a special blue light is applied to the veneer. This light activates the chemicals in the cement causing it to harden. Any excess cement is removed, your bite is evaluated and final adjustments are made accordingly.

Same Day Veneers – Uveneer™ Direct Composite


Need that perfect smile but don’t want to wait two weeks? Uveneer makes direct composite veneers easier, faster and more predictable. Endorsed by leading cosmetic dentists around the world.


We use an organically modified ceramic material which mimic the appearance of beautiful, healthy teeth. The material is carefully shaped over the teeth and a special template placed over to create an even, beautiful new smile.


Quick, long lasting and easy to repair, same day veneers are increasingly becoming the treatment of choice for small , chipped, eroded, large unsightly filled or slightly crooked teeth.


Introducing same day veneers


  • AngelaKaye_before


  • AngelaKaye_after





Thank you so much for my new look! I am so happy with the result. NW1 Dental Care gave an outstanding professional approach from start to finish. I can highly recommend NW1 Dental Care.A Kaye
I have been a patient for 1 year, doing major interventions as braces (it only took 4 months!) and an implant.The result in both cases has been excellent and I am incredibly satisfied. All the staff has a strong committment to offer an excellent service. In particular Dr Bodane and Dr Zagni are extremely accurate and professional, available to explain in detial their interventions. The location is easily accessible and the prices are reasonable, especially the offers! I would absolutely recommend it!Giulia Di Mascio

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