Same Day Veneers

Same Day Veneers in Camden, London


Always wanted that perfect smile but don’t want to wait weeks for the lab work to finally arrive? Same Day Veneers in Camden, London is an innovative veneer template system that makes direct composite veneers easier, faster and more predictable. Endorsed by leading cosmetic dentists around the world Uveneer system was created by dentist for the dentist. The system was designed to make it easier and faster for dentists to create direct composite veneers with predictable shape, polish, and symmetry, in one visit only making the results great for both dentist and patient!

At NW1 Dental Care use an organically modified compo-ceramic material which mimic the appearance of beautiful, healthy teeth. The material is carefully shaped over the teeth and a special template placed over to create an even, beautiful new smile.

Quick, long lasting and easy to repair, same day veneers are increasingly becoming the treatment of choice for small, chipped, eroded, large unsightly filled or slightly crooked teeth.


Almost any person. They can be used to;

  • Cosmetically create a brighter, whiter and beautiful sparking smile
  • To repair any chipped or broken section of a tooth
  • Cover severely discoloured teeth
  • Correct misshapen teeth
  • Close unwanted spaces between teeth or make them larger in size
  • Cover worn or chipped teeth
  • Cover crooked teeth
  • It is more cost effective compared to porcelain veneer or crowns
  • It is very simple and the transformation of your smile is instant
  • The procedure is quick as less time is needed to be spent on carving and polishing
  • minimal tooth preparing is required
  • produces consistent, predictable, perfect results with regard to final tooth shape, shine, and smile design
  • It doesn’t require teeth drilling in most cases, as such are reversible treatment
  • Easily repairable when compared with porcelain veneers
  • These can stain more readily compared to porcelain veneer
  • The quality and looks of composite veneers depends on skill and experience of person making them
  • These are crafted and bonded within the mouth, not allowing patients as much involvement in the design of their smile or smile trial
  • There are more choices in tooth shades with porcelain veneers
  • Patients can trial their look beforehand with porcelain veneers

This is very popular with children as its quick to perform especially in those cases of fracture tooth

As there is minimal prep involved it Is an ideal choice for children as no need to give anaesthetic, quick and pain free.

The shine from Uveneer lasts and continues to look like a natural tooth because the template is used as an oxygen barrier, preventing the air-inhibited layer.

Normally composite veneers last for 3-5 years on average. However, if proper care is taken these could last even more. The key to longevity is keeping good oral hygiene and routine dental check-ups.


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