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Around 50-60% of population suffer bad breath sometime or the other in their life. Bad breath also called halitosis is normally due to group of sulphur compounds in mouth or nasal areas produced by breakdown of bacteria also known as Volatile Sulphur Compounds (VSC).

Diseased gum tissues and tooth decay are the major causes for halitosis. Dry mouth also causes bad breath as saliva which is strong anti bacterial element is less and without which bacteria can grow.
Disturbances of the digestive system may cause halitosis but the stomach is not generally the main source. Eating foods such as onions and garlic will result in bad breath.
The first step in treating halitosis is detection. A test for separating nasal and oral bad breath is to pinch the nose, breath-in, and then close the mouth.

Mouthwashes reduce the number of bacteria in the mouth and help reduce halitosis. They are only partially effective and if used as the only method of combatting bad breath, the improvement will only be temporary.

Tongue cleaning is also an essential factor in beating halitosis. The cleaning should be directed towards the back of the upper surface of the tongue. This can be done with a specially designed tongue scraper which can be bought from our practice.

Sugar-free chewing gum will increase saliva flow and help combat a dry mouth.

If you have halitosis and you suspect it is a symptom of a dental-related problem, then please come for a checkup so we can begin to address the problem immediately.

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