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Smilelign in Camden and London

Invisible Clear Aligners to Straighten teeth

Looking for Clear Braces for teeth straightening in London? Then Smilelign could be an option for you. NW1 Dental Care is pleased to offer our patients Smilelign treatment in London which consists of using a series of clear aligners to straighten your teeth. Whether you are in London or elsewhere, NW1 Dental Care Clinic is your one-stop destination for a straighter and attractive smile.

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What is Smilelign?

Smilelign is a revolutionary orthodontic treatment that uses clear brace aligner as an alternative to traditional metal braces. It uses the latest technology on the UK dental market to help you give you the straight smile you always desired. The aligners are custom-made, removable, and virtually invisible so people won’t even know you’re having your teeth straightened.




Easy to use

Clinically Effective

teeth with whitening tray

How Does Smilelign Work?

Smilelign treatment consists of using a series of virtually invisible, removable aligners to straighten the teeth. The aligners need to be changed every two to four weeks before moving on to the next stage. Each of the aligners is custom made and designed in a way to move your teeth little by little, week by week into the desired position.  The process can take as little as 12 weeks depending on how complex your case is and how much movement is required to make your teeth straight.  However, most cases take anywhere between 6-12 months. You will wear the clear aligners until they have moved your teeth to the final position prescribed by our dentists.

Teeth Straightening Treatment Process :

Step 1
Contact NW1 Dental Care in Camden, London to set up a free consultation where we will discuss your concerns and see if the Smilelign treatment is right for you.

Step 2
Our Cosmetic dentists will take a 3D digital scan of your teeth using the intra-oral scanner instead of taking impressions. This is a painless process and takes only a couple of minutes. These are then used to plan your case.

Step 3
You will get to see how your smile would look like before you start with your treatment plan. You will get a pre-aligner to check how it feels to wear them, how comfortable they are, how easy is it to remove them, etc..Once you are satisfied and happy the dentist will order your custom aligner set for your treatment.

Step 4
The dentist will then monitor your teeth’s movement as you progress through the aligners and make the necessary adjustments when required.  At the end of treatment, you are advised to use a retainer to help keep your teeth in their new position.

Cost of Smilelign

The cost of the Smilelign normally depends on the complexity of your case so there isn’t a fixed price. NW1 Dental Care offers Smilelign at a very competitive price compared to other dental clinics in London or the UK. We offer FREE consultations in our dental practice in London where the dentist can access your condition, advise if this is a suitable treatment for your condition and provide you with the exact cost of Smilelign treatment. If you are not suitable for this treatment then we will advise other measures that can help you achieve your dream smile.


Some of our Smilelign Cases

London smilelign Before After- NW1 Dental Care
London smilelign Before After- NW1 Dental Care
London smilelign Before After- NW1 Dental Care
London smilelign Before After- NW1 Dental Care


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