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Simpli5 in Camden, London

NW1 Dental Care are pleased to offer our patients Simpli5 treatment in Camden, North London.


Express System to Straighten Teeth Fast

Simpli 5 invisible aligner is a cosmetic appliance designed for straightening minor teeth. Ideally, this treatment is best suited for patients 14 and older. Simpli 5 Invisible treatment can straighten & align teeth that are tilted forward/ backward, crowded or rotated.

The total duration of the treatment can take up to three to five months. However, to get the best possible results, it is recommended that each aligner is worn for approximately 22 hours per day for about 3 weeks. The only time you would remove them is to clean your teeth ( brushing & flossing) and during meal time (eating & drinking).

The Simpli5 aligners are custom- made from clear plastic and are virtually invisible. Even upon close inspection they are very difficult to detect.

How does it work:

Clear trays which are virtually invisible and cause minimum interference with speech Each custom tray is designed to move teeth up to 0.5mm movement. Made in laboratories which adjust each tray to enable movement of rotated and teeth out of alignment to move together.

First Appointment

  • Full dental examination including photographs and necessary radiographs to form personalised treatment plan.
  • Consent form.
  • Impressions of teeth taken.

Fit appointment

  • Simpli5 tray fitted and shown how to insert, remove and clean. minimum 20 hours wearing a day.
  • Polishing strips used to create space to allow teeth to move into position.

Review Appointment – Every 2-3 weeks

  • To check movement of teeth.
  • Discuss any patients concerns.

Final two Appointments – Retainer stage

Once teeth are straight an impression will be taken to form a custom made Fixed permanent wire retainer or removable clear essix retainer to maintain teeth position.

At your end appointment we would recommend a final hygiene appointment to complete your new smile!

Taking care during orthodontic treatment

All orthodontic work results in increased plaque accumulation and so immaculate oral hygiene must be maintained throughout treatment.

At NW1 Dental Care we recommend before braces fit a Gold hygiene visit to ensure teeth and gums are at optimal standard and during treatment if required another Gold hygiene visit to prevent any decay forming or gum disease.

Case Types Minor-to-Intermediate Anterior Crowding or Spacing


Crowded Lower Arch


Crowded Upper Arch


Trapped Lower Laterals


Upper Arch with Spacing

Case Studies

teeth with whitening tray


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