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Retainers in London

Retainers play an important role in your teeth straightening journey. Retainers are used at the end of your orthodontic treatment and help maintain the results.

When you finish your orthodontic treatment and removes your braces, the straightened teeth will have a tendency to drift back to their original position. This is called orthodontic relapse. It usually takes some time for bones supporting the teeth to stabilize and get used to the new position, so thankfully we have retainers that help teeth remain in a desired straight position and you keep your confident new smile in line.

Fixed Retainers

Fixed retainers are discreet thin wires bonded at the back of your front teeth to hold them in place. As the name suggests, these are fixed and designed for long-term wear to give long-lasting results. Fixed retainers require very little maintenance –  you just need to clean around them carefully using an interdental brush or special floss. Also, it is recommended that you continue to visit your dentist for regular dental health checks and hygienist appointments.

Removable Retainers

Removable retainers as the name suggested can be taken in and out when required but they need to be worn regularly as instructed by your dentist. Most patients will wear their removable retainers just at night.

These are custom designed made to fit your teeth in their new positions. When you are not wearing the retainers, you should keep them safely in a box. These cases come in all sorts of conspicuous colours, helping you to locate them quickly.

We can also arrange for an extra spare set if required which is handy if you do lose one or if you travel a lot or live between two locations.

If you ever lose your retainers then you should get in touch with your dental clinic at the earliest. To get new retainers, the dentist might need to book you in for a new set of impressions (mould of your teeth) or digital scan like at NW1 Dental Care.  The same would be the case if you have damaged your removable retainers.  However, if you have fixed retainers then the dentist will ensure that they are in good working order.

If you had your treatment at NW1 Dental Care and are experiencing any problems with your retainers, please call us on 0207 485 4626

Please note, we only offer retainer repairs or replacements for existing patients.

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