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The top reason why people might experience a tooth pain are :

1. Cavity : Bacteria feeds on food particles stuck in your mouth to produce acid which erodes the protective tooth enamel to reach the sensitive dentine below this layer.
2. Chip, cracked or Broken tooth : Over time the teeth might become weak due to pressure pressure exerted from daily functions such as chewing or biting or from issues like teeth grinding. So the thin lines in enamel might evolve to cracks and chips which would expose the nerve ends
3. Receding Gums : Gum can recede due to couple of reasons like using hard brush or brushing hard, etc..leading to exposure of sensitive tooth roots
4. Erosion of Enamel : Your tooth enamel might erode away due to acids in your daily intake, vomiting or from gastric acids from acid reflux (GERD)
5. Teeth Grinding (Bruxism) : This puts extreme pressure on teeth causing them to wear down, increase sensitivity and soreness in the jaw part
6. Gum Disease : This is infection due to plaque formation around gums which leads to inflammation and in later stages if untreated the infection can penetrate to the roots or detal pulp
7. Old or loose fillings : Filings cover the past decay areas. If filling is really old and coming off with time then the it exposes the area again for bacteria to infiltrate and irritate the open nerve endings
8. If you had a dental work done recently, then you might in some cases have temporary sensitivity caused by pulp inflammation
9. At times the pain may be originate from outside area and radiate to the dental region which may make one think its pain in tooth

The tooth pain could be from mild to severe, it can be constant or pulsating, whatever be it the pain in your teeth is an early warning for all types of threat to your oral health. If you experiencing pain then its best to visit us at NW1 dental care so that the dentist the identify the root cause, carry out the appropriate treatment and restore your smile !

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