Multiple Dental Implants In Camden and London

Replacement for Several Missing or Damaged Teeth

Do you have multiple missing teeth? If you have lost multiple teeth or have several teeth missing then this may affect what you can eat, how you chew and this can sometimes be a source of pain and discomfort. Also, missing multiple can make you may feel self-conscious and embarrassed to smile.

Dental Implants are the best solution and one of the most popular choices to replace missing teeth from London’s NW1 Dental Care clinic. Dental Implants can be used to securely anchor replacement teeth, leaving you with a new smile that looks and feels so natural, you will forget the teeth are not your own.


Multiple Teeth Implants: Implant-Supported Bridge 

This type of treatment is suitable to replace 3 or more missing teeth together. In this treatment, the dentist will place two implants, one on either end of the space, and then create a bridge made up of three or more teeth to go across space.

The number of implants required to support the bridge depends on the case as each patient could be different. It’s dependant on many factors like the indented position of the bridge in the mouth (front teeth require fewer implants compared to posterior sections), the engineering it needs (you need more implants if you have a heavier bite), etc. Whatever your condition, during the initial consultation our implant dentist will undertake a proper diagnosis and plan the treatment.

This treatment option to replace multiple teeth provides an ideal replacement mechanism. You don’t even need to have one implant per tooth and in fact functionally and aesthetically it’s better to have some teeth replaced by an implant-supported bridge which reduces cost and complexity as well as producing better results. It also benefits from less surgery and quicker healing.




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