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Invisalign in London - 5 Star google reviews

If you are considering straightening your teeth using Invisalign then you have chosen a good company. Invisalign is the most popular teeth straightening treatment used by dentists and orthodontists which has taken the market by the storm and now has 10 million patients and counting who had transformed their teeth to achieve perfect straight smiles using Invisalign.

At NW1 Dental Care, we are one of London’s leading providers of Invisalign treatment with a diamond status and treated 1000’s of patients to help them get a beautiful smile.

Here’s what some of them has to say about their experience in Invisalign journey with our clinic :

Invisalign reviews UK

I had Dr Anima from NW1 Dental Care to do my Invisalign and veneers and honestly could not be happier with the result! I smile for every photo now and it’s given me the confidence I haven’t ever had in my appearance. She did very well in straightening and making my teeth even, and incredibly friendly, answering all of my questions and working with my anxiety. All staff there are lovely, highly recommend!


I’ve been going to this place for about 6 years now. I’m always so pleasantly surprised when I walk into the clinic because they straight away know who I am and that I have an appointment and I always feel so looked after.

I’m not a wealthy person but to me, seeing decent dentist matters and I have no issues with paying the price. I’m currently now wearing an Invisalign brace on my top teeth and I couldn’t be happier with the service I’ve been given through the journey so far. I hope to visit these guys for life. Just hope I don’t have to move from London! Thank you NW1 Dental Care. You’re amazing and it’s very easy to express that because you ARE! X


Everything about this dental practice from start to finish is fantastic! Having Invisalign done is one of the best decisions I’ve ever made. I am very pleased with my Invisalign journey, the whole team have been super friendly and helpful, I was recommended by my friend who now has a beautiful smile. I started to see results from the start and am now close to completing my treatment. I now feel able to smile confidently when my photo is taken! I would highly recommend the NW1 Dental Care clinic.


I came over to NW1 Dental Care in July 2020 from Finest Dental after they went bust. I’ve been continuing on my Invisalign treatment with them ever since (as well as had a few fillings plus a root canal) and although the Finest Dental fiasco (!!) was stressful at the time, it was a blessing in disguise, I cannot fault NW1 Dental Care at all. From the receptionists (love Lydia!!) to the actual dentists, it’s always a pleasure visiting them. They always listen to me and make sure I’m comfortable, are prompt in booking appointments, and are generally just great people to be around. I’ll be quite sad when my treatment comes to an end, but rest assured they have a loyal patient in me now and wouldn’t think of going anywhere else for treatment I may need in the future.


I read a lot of reviews about NW1 Dental Care whilst working in London. I decided to give it go, I opted for the Invisalign treatment and couldn’t be happier with the results. This really is a clinic worth traveling for. Every single one of the staff is extremely friendly and welcoming, it was a joy getting to know them. I highly recommend NW1 Dental Care to anyone and everyone!


After having 3 consultations for Invisalign in London, i decided to go with NW1 Dental Care. Not only do they have fantastic price compared to other clinics but their service right is amazing. The way they listened to my concerns and explained me everything in consult showed how they are different to other practises. On top of that ,service all throughout the Invisalign treatment was great ! Finished my treatment and really happy with the results ! Thank you NW1 Dental Care team.


A colleague at work had Invisalign at NW1 Dental Care and recommended them. I went for a consult and immediately felt comfortable with the denitist. She has a relaxed style and is gentle. She explains exactly what she is doing at every appointment. All my colleagues have commented on my teeth and this has lifted my confidence massively. I really felt I had to leave a review today for this amazing experience.


Finished my Invisalign treatment after over 2 years (partially due to covid delay). Dr. Anima always made my day. I have also enjoyed the warm welcome by the friendly Lidiya at the reception. Never thought I would actually enjoy dental appointments.


Dr Anima is the best dentist I have had so far: very professional, she explained to me what to expect and advise me on what could be the best treatment for me to have a beautiful smile. I highly recommend her as after only 6 months of wearing Invisalign, I am now smiling everywhere, every time, and can’t stop showing my teeth! Excellent job done with competitive pricing.


I have been a patient at NW1 Dental Care since January 2017, and have had a great experience with the whole team throughout. I’ve had routine appointments, fillings, and more recently Invisalign treatment. They are always very responsive, caring, and I have felt very safe attending appointments during the pandemic. Anima is an excellent dentist, and I would recommend the clinic to everyone.


Literally, the best dental clinic in the UK (probably even the world). I have been undergoing the Invisalign treatment, I cannot express in words how amazing NW1 dental care and its staff are. From the lovely receptionists to the highly qualified dentists and dental assistants, this place is fantastic. I wish I had found them before. The whole team is extremely welcoming, warm and caring. They have always gone the extra mile to ensure that you feel comfortable and that all your queries have been answered. Unlike, many other practices out there, NW1 dental care actually CARES about its clients. As well as, provides the best offers and five-star treatments.

Will definitely be recommending all my friends and family to pay them a visit!!!



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