Invisalign Costs and Offers

What Is Invisalign cost in the UK ? How much does Invisalign treatment cost in London?

At NW1 Dental Care, we daily get so many people enquiring about Invisalign and one common thing everybody looking around for Invisalign treatment in London is how much Invisalign treatment cost and what’s on offer at our clinic ?

If you stay or visit near Camden or London area and have used search string “Invisalign near me, then NW1 dental Care is the leading provider of Invisalign treatment offering one of best Invisalign packages In London. Invisalign is our most popular treatment, and you will be cared for by top Invisalign dentists to help you get that straight smile.

To help make Invisalign treatment more affordable, we regularly run special promotions and Invisalign offers, including discounts and exclusive packages. As one of London’s leading diamond providers of Invisalign braces treatment, we receive trade discounts that we can pass on to our patients to provide them with competitive prices.

Depending on the condition of your teeth and movement required the Invisalign treatment is categorised into 3 types :

Invisalign® Express – For simple and minimal movement requiring upto 7 aligners : From £1500

Invisalign® Lite – For moderate cases requiring upto 14 aligners :From £2500

Invisalign® Comprehensive or Full – For moderate to severe cases : From £3500

We currently have a special offer of a £1000 discount on all Invisalign treatments. We are offering one of the lowest Invisalign® treatment prices and the best Invisalign package.

At NW1 Dental Care, we offer 3 simple Invisalign® packages to suit each individual’s needs: Express, Lite, and Comprehensive. These packages are largely based upon the amount of teeth movement required and how many aligners are required to achieve these movements.

Your smile you want might be a lot more affordable than you think. During the initial Invisalign® consultation, we’ll be able to give an understanding of the treatment package most suitable for you. You’ll also find that our Invisalign packages have been designed to bring added value and transparency to the treatment process. The table below will give you a guide to help understand the differences in prices as well as what’s included within each plan.

• Free consultation with Invisalign dentist & 3D smile preview (worth £250)
• Invisalign treatment design Clincheck using iTero digital scanner (no more dental moulds!) and all necessary X-rays
• All Invisalign treatment custom aligners and their attachments
• ALL visits for Invisalign appointment
• Comprehensive new patient check-up
• INVISALIGN® Vivera Retainers (worth £500)
• Philips Zoom Home Teeth Whitening (worth £300)
• Cosmetic tooth shaping at the end of treatment (worth £100 per tooth)

Invisalign Price guide London - NW1 Dental Care

Book a free consultation at NW1 Dental Care to find the right Invisalign® treatment plan for you !

Invisalign offers T&Cs

• Offers are subject to availability
• Limited spaces may be available each month
• Your discount will be valid until the date provided at your Invisalign consultation
• We reserve the right to extend or withdraw offers at any time
• Discounts and promotions cannot be combined

Please ask our team for the terms and conditions for this month’s Invisalign offers. We don’t use third party sites like Groupon or Wowcher, so you’ll always get the best Invisalign price by coming to us direct. Get in touch to find out more and arrange your free no-obligation consultation.

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