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Inman Aligner in Camden, London

Fast and efficient way to straighten front teeth

If you not happy with your front teeth and considering teeth straightening to achieve that perfect smile then Inman Aligner could be the perfect solution. Not everyone needs teeth straightening that works on all teeth so Inman Aligner is a fantastic alternative to other orthodontic systems that aligns the teeth quickly in just in 6-18 weeks.Inman aligner in London - NW1 Dental Care

NW1 Dental Care is proud to introduce Inman Aligner – a new and leading-edge cosmetic dentistry procedure that is taking the UK by storm. We are one of the top providers of Inman aligners who have helped straighten the smile of so many patients from all over London and the UK. We offer free consultations where Dr. Anima Bodane who is a certified Inman Aligner dentist will discuss your treatment needs and access if you are suitable for Inman Aligner treatment.

What is Inman Aligner?

The Inman Aligner is a special custom-made orthodontic appliance (brace) that is used to align front teeth quickly and safely – a perfect solution for those suffering from crowding or protrusion of the front teeth.

They are discrete, very comfortable, cost-effective option and far more efficient in aligning the front teeth in just 6 to 18 weeks compared to other braces system. Inman Aligner is hassle-free and is a removable appliance that can be worn on one jaw or both the jaws as per requirement. It is an ideal stand-alone straightening treatment for front teeth but can also be used to treat any adult relapse or preparation for a larger cosmetic smile makeover treatment.

Straighten Teeth Fast with the Inman Aligner

How does it work

Inman Aligner uses nickel-titanium coil springs to gently oppose each other and apply pressure to move teeth into the desired position. As the gentle forces are active over a large range of movement, they are much quicker in achieving amazing results.

Patients are extremely pleased with the outcome and the sheer speed of the treatment. However, note that Inman Aligner needs to be worn for 16-20 hours a day for the treatment to be fast and effective.

As part of the treatment, you will be seen regularly every 2-3 weeks to ensure treatment is going on course and adjust the aligner accordingly to get optimum results.

Inman Aligner Teeth Straightening Procedure

Step 1 – Initial Appointment:

  • You will have an initial consultation with one of our cosmetic dentists who will be Inman Certified. We will listen to your concerns and then the dentist will conduct a full dental examination, take photographs, and necessary X-rays to determine if Inman Aligner is suitable for you or should you go for an alternative treatment.
  • You will be provided with a personalised treatment plan and asked to sign a consent form if you want to go ahead.
  • Digital scan (Impressions) of your teeth will be taken that is sent to the lab to make your custom made Inman Aligner

Step 2 – Fit Appointment: 2 -3 weeks later

  • Inman Aligner is fitted in your mouth and the dentist will also show you how to insert, remove and clean them
  • Composite attachments are placed as needed
  • Polishing strips used to create space to allow teeth to move into position
  • You start wearing the aligners for 16-20 hours a day

Step 3 – Review Appointments: Every Two-Four weeks

  • We will monitor the movement of teeth
  • The dentist will make necessary adjustments in a series of short appointments
  • Discuss any patient’s concerns

Step 4 – End Appointment: Retainer

Once we are happy with the final position of your teeth, the dentist will take a digital scan to make a custom made clear retainer to help maintain new teeth position.

At your end appointment, we would recommend a final hygiene session to complete your new smile !

Cost of Inman Aligner in London

The cost of the Inman Aligner normally depends on how long the treatment is going to take. The exact time depends on the severity of your condition, but will commonly take between 6-18 weeks.

NW1 Dental Care offers the Inman Aligner at a very competitive price compared to other dental clinics in London or UK. Our Inman Aligner London treatment costs start from £1700. We offer FREE consultations in our dental practice in London where the dentist can access your condition and provide you with the exact cost of Inman Aligner treatment and answer all your questions. Where required we will also provide alternative solutions if you aren’t the right candidate for Inman Aligner.

Start your journey to a better smile

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Some of our patients cases :

London Inman Aligner Before After- NW1 Dental Care
London Inman Aligner Before After- NW1 Dental Care
London Inman Aligner Before After- NW1 Dental Care
London Inman Aligner Before After- NW1 Dental Care


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