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Many people make a direct link between their teeth and self-confidence as they feel so self-conscious about laughing and smiling. According to new YouGov survey over 40% of Britons are unhappy with their smile, with nearly 50% planning to undergo cosmetic dental work, and about 20% would consider dental veneers to improve their smile.

The cost of veneers treatment is relatively low for the pleasure and value it will bring to your appearance from stained, damaged or crooked teeth with this non-invasive procedure.

If you’re looking to find a competitive price for expert veneer treatment in London, our friendly and experienced cosmetic dentists at NW1 Dental Care can help. Here at NW1 Dental Care, our cosmetic dentistry team prides itself on offering the very best veneers treatment in London offering the highest quality veneers to all our patients who come from all across the UK. Every procedure is done under the highest quality and safety standard, ensuring that the end results give you the perfect smile and something to be proud of for years to come.

Guide to dental veneer types and costs in London & UK

The complexity of veneers treatments is reflected in the costs. The exact price of veneer treatment can be worked out after an initial assessment of your teeth condition, your personal need, and type of work that needs to be carried out. Main factors which impact the cost of veneer treatment are :

  • The number of veneers required: the price of veneer is per tooth so the more you have the higher the cost.

Veneers are custom-made for each patient to match the design, shape, and colour of teeth as required. They can be fitted to a single tooth, multiple teeth, or the full mouth. For someone who only wants to improve the look of one front tooth, only a single veneer would do where the dentist can fit the veneer to match the other teeth. Whereas, someone who wants to cover discoloration or other minor imperfections like chips, damaged or crooked teeth might require a veneer on more teeth or even a full set of teeth. Here the teeth could again be made to match the existing teeth colour or even provided with increased brightness to increase the sparkle in the smile.

  •  Type of material used :  Veneers are made of either porcelain or composite resin, and the cost of porcelain veneers (e.g., Lumineers or Ultrathin) is more expensive than composite veneers (same day veneers).

Porcelain veneers are more costly, more durable, and beautiful veneers made in the laboratory whereas composite veneers are more affordable option, require fewer dental visits as they are prepared & put by the dentist on the same day of your visit.

  • Your dental health : the cost of your veneer treatment will also take into consideration if you require some additional treatment for any other dental issues before we can start with the veneer fitting. Some of these factors include,
    1. Amount of preparation work required to create the optimal foundation for veneer treatment. (E.g., patients with gum disease will require a prior treatment)
    2. The dental health of your teeth and gums
    3. The colour, shape, position, and contour of your teeth before the treatment
    4. Any bite correction work to create stable and harmonious bite condition so that the results of treatment are long-lasting
  •  The complexity of smile design : Each person is different, and each case is different, as some require more intricate work than others due to your dental condition or even personal preference.

Cost of Porcelain veneers treatment at NW1 Dental Care

In London, Porcelain veneers cost around £800 – £1,400 depending on the patient’s requirement, type of veneer, and the location of the clinic. The end results of a cosmetic procedure like veneer treatment very much depend on the skill and experience of the cosmetic dentist and the brand of veneer used. There are plenty of clinics in and around London offering veneers treatment at different costs. One must not choose a clinic just based on price as cheap isn’t always the best option in this case and one should carefully choose the clinic after doing some research to get the best results.

At NW1 Dental Care, we offer reasonable and one of the most competitive prices in London, when compared to the veneer costs at other dental practices in London or the UK. You can find our Veneer prices in the cost guide page. Our cost reflects the superior level of patient satisfaction along with the level of skill & experience of our expert cosmetic dentists who have already helped hundreds of patients who come to us from not just all over London but all around the UK to get their dream smile.

Veneers Consultation

To help you decide if veneers are what you’re looking for and to find out about your options and get the exact price of your veneer treatment book your consultation with our qualified veneers dentists in London.

We are offering FREE Veneer consultations with our highly experienced cosmetic dentists to check your suitability and where you can ask all your questions. Our team will listen to what you are wanting to achieve, access your dental condition and then advise on what is possible to ensure both function and aesthetic perfection. We will create the smile you’ve always dreamed of – a natural, brilliantly white confident smile.

We also offer a range of payment options to make the treatment more affordable and accessible for our patients.

Customer satisfaction

At NW1 Dental Care, we pay great emphasis on customer satisfaction. Our cosmetic dentist will take time to understand your concerns and discuss your requirements and expectations during your initial consultation.

At the end of your veneer’s treatment, our goal is always to leave you with a beautiful and confident smile. It will be the smile you can show off and relieve you of any concerns about stained, broken, damaged or crooked teeth that may previously have been affecting your social or business life.

We appreciate that cost of veneer treatment is not insignificant and we will only suggest veneer placement if we think that this option will provide the results and improvement in confidence for which our patients are after.


In order to make veneers more accessible and affordable for everyone we offer a range of finance financing options including interest-free credit over 12 months.

If you want to spread the cost over a longer term, we have a range of low APR extended payment options. This means cheaper monthly payments, helping make your dreams of a better smile and healthier teeth even easier. All credit is subject to status.

If you are looking to find out how much your veneer treatment could cost then why not complete our online e-consultation form now? Simply upload a photo of your smile and tell us what you are hoping to change or want. Get in touch with us and we will be happy to discuss all options to get you the perfect smile!

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