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Teeth grinding  or Bruxism treatment in Camden & London

If you notice your mouth clicks or pops when you open your mouth, or if you wake up with an aching jaw or headache then you might be due to grinding of teeth. Grinding of teeth normally happens at night time when you sleep. It could be related to sleep disorders or stress, but mostly it’s found to be linked with problems caused by crooked (teeth out of alignment), chipped teeth or missing teeth.


Teeth grinding also called Bruxism isn’t a serious problem but can become serious if it leads to jaw pain, chipped, worn, or cracked teeth. Grinding the teeth puts a lot of pressure on your mouth which could damage your jawbone and cause headaches, shoulder, and neck pains.

If you think that you might be grinding your teeth at night, it’s best to see a dentist and let him know, so that he or she can check for signs of any damage to your tooth enamel. If required, the dentist might ask you to wear a mouth guard or splint while sleeping. These should only be provided by a dentist and they protect the teeth from further damage whilst easing the pressure on individual teeth & jaw due to grinding.

 So if you think you suffer from any of these symptoms visit us as NW1 Dental Care in Camden, London to get checked with one of our experienced dentist!

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