Full Mouth Restoration

Restore your smile with full mouth dental implants in Camden and London

Are you looking for a full set of teeth with a new set of teeth? Whether you have lost all your teeth long ago or due to a recent occurrence, missing a full set of teeth is discomforting – you probably have difficulty chewing, eating, and even speaking.

Missing all teeth can give your face a sunken appearance which can make you look older. Multiple missing teeth can affect your relationships with others and can generally have a huge impact on your life. In some cases can make you feel self-conscious, feel embarrassed and affect your self-confidence.

If you are not sure what to do next then do not despair as we offer full-mouth restoration solutions from London’s NW1 Dental Care clinic. We can help you replace a full set of teeth with dental implants and help you to regain your beautiful stunning smile.


Full Mouth Restoration Options in London

  •    All-on-4, All-on-6 or Same Day Implants (Fixed Arch Option)

This type of treatment is suitable when you are looking to replace all of your teeth in an arch i.e full jaw restoration. In this treatment, a full arch of dental implants can be placed when the teeth have been missing for a long time or by removing any remaining teeth in the jaw. The dentist will place between 4 and 6 implants into the jaw bone, which are then restored with one long 12 tooth bridge that is permanently secured to the implants.

The number of dental implants required to support the full arch depends on the anatomy of the jaw bone, the number of teeth required, the type of bridge required, and the opposing teeth. The All-on-4 is an advanced treatment and carefully planned procedure that allows the four dental implants to be placed on the same day (two in front and two at the back) and then to immediately place a full arch bridge or prosthesis. This could be done on both lower and upper jaws allowing full mouth restoration in a day.

All on 4 dental implants in London
  •    Implant Retained Removable Dentures (Removable Arch Option)

These are another occasionally used full-arch solution for missing teeth, where you can have a removable denture supported by placing (usually) four dental implants. In this type of treatment, some implants are placed in the patient’s jaw and a custom made special type of denture is created which can be snapped on and off the implants.

These are normally used when patients prefer removable denture or have a history of gum-related issues where the dentist may then recommend this type of restoration where they sit on implants as opposed to gums.  These offer more stable, firm, easier to maintain, and long-term solution whilst avoiding issues from traditional dentures or bridges. The primary feature of the overdenture is its aesthetic benefit, which will allow the restoration of a natural-looking smile.




All-on-4-before-NW1 Dental CareAll-on-4-after- NW1 Dental Care
Full Mouth reconstruction - Full mouth dental Implant in LondonFull Mouth reconstruction - Full mouth dental Implant in London
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