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E-MAX Veneers In London

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What are Emax Veneers?

NW1 Dental Care is one of the most trusted and leading providers of porcelain veneers treatment in London which includes Emax veneers.

Emax veneers are a brand of pressed ceramic dental veneers which are custom made for each individual. Emax veneers arrived in the UK about 10 years ago and started a trend in cosmetic veneers. They are very thin, crafted from high-strength porcelain, and well known for their durability. These are made in the laboratory and then hand-painted and polished individually to achieve your ideal shade – pure artistry!

Emax veneers are 0.5mm thick porcelain bonded to the front surface of teeth that help enhance both the function and appearance of teeth. Emax veneers are a very popular brand of veneers in London or the UK as they need minimal tooth shaving (the thinner the veneer, the less drilling or preparation required) and allow a stronger bond to tooth enamel than dentin bonding.

Emax veneers in London and UK at NW1 Dental Care

What Are the Benefits of Emax Veneers ?

The main advantages of Emax venners are :

  • Designer thin veneers with more strength and durability for longer-lasting results
  • Minimal or no preparation of tooth enamel so patients receive their veneers faster
  • No tooth etching or drilling required, which can weaken the tooth structure
  • Higher translucence and aesthetic quality offering a natural tooth shade
  • They can have thinner edges without chipping. Also less likely to chip when in contact with teeth on the opposite arch

How much is the cost of Emax Veneers in London, UK ?

At NW1 Dental Care, our Emax veneers cost starts from £800 per tooth. The trial smiles cost £50 per tooth which involves the lab making a temporary veneer that allows you to test and request any changes before permanent ones are prepared and fitted.

We offer a free consultation where our top cosmetic dentist where you can discuss what you want to improve in your smile and what smile you desire. Our team will answer all your questions and provide you with a detailed breakdown of the costs involved in creating your smile along with various payment options available.

Also, we provide FREE teeth whitening with 4 or more porcelain veneers so that you can make the rest of your teeth whiter too. If you are interested in having Emax veneers, please get in touch to start your smile journey.

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