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Emergency Dentist in Camden & London for Chipped tooth treatment

Chipped your tooth? Is a chipped tooth bad or does it cause any problem? this is a common question asked by many people. Some people ignore the chipped tooth and think how bad can it be?

Well, a chipped tooth essentially means you have lost valuable tooth structure and now can have potentially further cracks or chips in that area. Also, if your chip is close to the pulp containing nerve you might require root canal if it doesn’t heal properly. To check the seriousness of the problem its best to visit a dentist to examine your tooth.

For minor chips, the dentist can fix the chipped tooth using tooth coloured filling materials with new modern bonding techniques. For larger chips in which you have lost more tooth, the dentist might suggest a crown or a veneer. Whatever be your case, if you have a chipped tooth it’s important that you visit a dentist to have your case examined and get the best remedy.

Our experienced, friendly and caring dental team at NW1 Dental Care in London will provide you with the best-suited advice and treatment to get restore your smile.

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