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Dermal Fillers in Camden, London

The term “Dermal fillers” encompasses a wide range of products and is an expression which describes treatment that restores volume and structure to the face. Dermal fillers are popular cosmetic enhancement treatments are a convenient and non-surgical solution if you want to refresh and enhance your appearance. Capable of instantly adding volume to moisture-weakened skin, this non-surgical dermal filler work to smooth fine facial lines and wrinkles, creepy skin and give a more youthful look

At NW1 Dental Care we provide personalised hyaluronic acid dermal fillers treatments at our Camden Clinic in London. The  treatments are performed by expert doctor who will work with you to create the look you desire, with subtle, but noticeable, results. We use premium dermal fillers to smooth deep wrinkles and folds, restore lost facial volume, enhance lips and sculpt as well as lift the face. Our mission is to deliver high-quality personalised treatments for subtle, natural-looking results

Hyaluronic acid dermal fillers treatments are particularly effective if you would like to:

  • Define, sculpt and lift the face with cheek fillers
  • Improve shape and enhance lips with lip fillers
  • Revive and refresh tired-looking eyes with tear trough fillers
  • Smooth away wrinkles and deep folds with facial fillers

The high levels of HA (hyaluronic acid) have the effect of attracting and retaining water, instantly improving the skin’s appearance and texture by restoring its natural plumpness.

Your Consultation

Before carrying out treatment, our doctors see each and every patient for a thorough assessment and consultation. No two people are the same and no two cases are the same, therefore, you will receive a bespoke treatment plan based on your particular concerns, medical history or skin condition. This not only ensures your safety is upheld at all times, it also means that you’ll gain optimum results from treatment.

What does Dermal Filler Treatment Involve?

Hyaluronic acid dermal fillers are sterile, colourless gels which are synthesised in the laboratory to rejuvenate the skin. Whilst there are a variety of dermal fillers available, we only use the top premium brands (visit our main hyaluronic acid dermal fillers page or products page for details) to ensure that we always deliver high-quality treatments.

After designing a bespoke treatment plan with you which includes fully explaining the procedure and fees, our doctor will numb your skin for your comfort. They will then use the most appropriate dermal filler for your treatment which she will inject with a needle, microcannula or both depending on the treatment required.

Following the treatment, our doctor will apply a healing balm to the skin so you can enjoy your results immediately! The doctor will then answer any questions you may have, provide you with written instructions and arrange a follow-up consultation for you.

Dermal fillers we use are of a temporary nature only and made of synthesised hyaluronic acid.

How it works

Hyaluronic Acid is naturally occurring substance in our bodies which make our skin smooth and elastic. As we age our hyaluronic acid levels decrease and so we lose that youthful, plump look. Non surgical fillers help replace the lost volume plumping up the areas and rejuvenating the appearance.

By introducing dermal filler under the skin, volume which has been lost through ageing will re-appear creating a smoother, youthful appearance. The filler will attract water to it further bringing hydration to the area leading to fresh, revitalised skin.

Depending on the desired effects, an initial treatment is usually maintained with occasional follow-up treatments every few months to years depending on the product used.

To discover more about dermal fillers and how you could benefit, we invite you to meet one of our highly trained and qualified aesthetic providers

What areas can you treat with dermal fillers ?

Dermal fillers are popular treatments for wrinkles and facial lines. A dermal filler procedure helps to ‘fill out’ and smooth away troublesome:
• Nose to Mouth Grooves
• Side of lower lips
• Small scars

For lips we can:
• Improve volume in the philtrum ridges to create youthful look
• Define the vermilion border
• Create fuller lips
• Correct droopy corners of the mouth

How long does the results last ?

The results last for up to 4 to 9 months on average although the longevity of results varies from patient to patient. The body will eventually break down and absorb the hyaluronic acid over time and without leaving a trace.

Does it hurt ?

The actual procedure is very quick and relatively painless. In the lip area we do intra oral injections (dental blocks) and for outer areas we apply topical anaesthetic to help reduce any sensitivity.

What is the recovery time ?

No down time, most people are able to return straight to work after treatment. Some redness, minor swelling or bruising may be experienced in the treatment area but is easily hidden with mineral make-up.

How will i look immediately after the treatment ?

You will be able to see the results immediately although there may be some swelling or slight bruising. Once the injection site and filler settle after a few days, you will be able to appreciate the final outcome

What should i not do immediately after?

• After treatment try not to touch the areas as the risk of infection is increased.
• Avoid heavy physical exercise for 48 hours
• No saunas or sun beds as product durability may be affected for two weeks.

Who can or cannot do it ?

Suitable for all skin types. No allergy testing is required, as hyaluronic acid is naturally occurring it is safe to use on anyone.

The procedure is not suitable for pregnant or lactating women. Also, not suitable for anyone with allergy to lidocaine (anaesthetic inbuilt with dermal filler) known bruising or bleeding disorder.

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