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Dental Implants vs. Dental Bridges or Dentures

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Comparison of  Dental Implants vs Dental Bridge vs Traditional Dentures – Which should i choose ?

In recent times you have multiple choices when it comes to restorative treatments. So if you have one or more missing teeth you can choose dental implants, dental bridges or dentures. So which makes one treatment option preferable or better than another? The answer to this will depend on several factors which would be explained by our expert experienced dental team who will analyse your case and provide a customised personal treatment plan to suit your unique needs and goals.

If one or more missing teeth in a row, dental implants or bridge are the chosen option for tooth restoration. However, dental implants are nowadays more popular option as they are more durable and less costly over time compared to bridges which are less costly in beginning but present high cost over time as they may often require replacement. Another important advantage of dental implant is that it preserves the surrounding natural teeth whereas in the case of a bridge the teeth on either side of missing teeth have to be modified to support the bridge.

If most or all teeth are missing then both dental implants treatment like All-on-Four or dentures are the chosen option for tooth restoration. However, again dental implants are mode widely accepted treatment as they help preserve the bone mass and strength which can’t be done via dentures. Dental implants are more effective, comfortable and natural-looking whereas dentures may be uncomfortable to wear due to slipping or imprecise fit issues and will also not be able to achieve the natural look obtained via dental implants.

Here at NW1 Dental Care we offer all types of restorative treatment options. Our team will help to guide you in choosing the best option to get optimal results.

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