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Dental Implants in Camden, London

Affordable Dental Implants in UK

If you’re looking for a trusted dental implant expert in Camden or anywhere in London who is highly experienced, exacting at placing and restoring dental implants, then NW1 Dental Care Practice can help.

Whether you have suffered tooth loss through decay, gum disease, trauma or old age, or just tired of denatures and partial, our dental implants could be a new affordable and permanent solution to pave the way to a confident new smile. At NW1 Dental Care we are extremely proud to have already helped so many patients from all over London benefit from long-lasting, affordable, and premium quality tooth implants.

What are Dental Implants?

Dental implants are the gold standard solution to restore your smile by replacing your missing or damaged teeth.  They give you the most natural-looking, effective, and long-lasting solution than any other restorative dental treatments available today where the teeth can be as strong and function just like your natural teeth.

A dental implant is essentially an artificial tooth that consists of 3 parts – tooth crown, abutment, and titanium screw that is inserted into the patient’s mouth to replace a lost or damaged tooth. These titanium screws are placed in the jaw bone, replacing the missing tooth root. After the implant is fitted it is left to integrate with the surrounding jaw bone, holding the implant firmly in place. A false tooth (a crown or denture) is then attached to the top of the implant. This whole unit will take over the original function so much so it’s difficult to differentiate between an implant-supported tooth and a natural tooth.

Benefits of Dental Implants:

  • Looks and function just like natural teeth so helps in restoring your smile and confidence
  • Provides a strong, convenient, and long term solution to missing teeth
  • Replaces missing teeth without affecting adjacent teeth
  • Restores ability to bite, chew and speak more clearly
  • Restores your smile and confidence
  • Reliable and lasts longer than conventional restoration methods
  • Resolves bite and joint pain issues which might be due to teeth drifting into missing tooth space
  • Controls or improves facial contours (facial tissues) that help minimize premature wrinkles

Types of Dental Implants Options at our London Clinic

Dental Implants could be used to replace a single missing tooth, multiple missing teeth, a full arch of missing teeth, or secure loose dentures.  At NW1 Dental Care, we provide the following Dental Implant treatment options in London for restoring any number of damaged or missing teeth.

Single tooth dental Implants

These are suitable if you are missing a single tooth. The dentist will place one implant into the jaw and restore it with a single crown.

Multiple Teeth Implants: Implant-Supported Bridge

This type of treatment is suitable to replace 3 or more missing teeth together. In this treatment, the dentist will place two implants, one on either end of the space, and then create a bridge made up of three or more teeth to go across space.

Full Mouth Restoration

  •    Fixed Arch Option : All-on-4, All-on-6 or Same Day Implants

This type of treatment is suitable when you are looking to replace all of your teeth in an arch i.e full jaw restoration. In this treatment, a full arch of dental implants can be placed when the teeth have been missing for a long time or by removing any remaining teeth in the jaw. The dentist will place between 4 and 6 implants into the jaw bone, which are then restored with one long 12 tooth bridge that is permanently secured to the implants.

The number of dental implants required to support the full arch depends on the anatomy of the jaw bone, the number of teeth required, the type of bridge required, and the opposing teeth. The All-on-4 is an advanced treatment and carefully planned procedure that allows the four dental implants to be placed on the same day (two in front and two at the back) and then to immediately place a full arch bridge or prosthesis. This could be done on both lower and upper jaws allowing full mouth restoration in a day.

  •    Removable Arch Option: Implant Retained Dentures or Dental Implant Removable Bridges

These are another occasionally used full-arch solution for missing teeth, where you can have a removable denture or bridge supported by dental implants. In this type of treatment, some implants are placed in the patient’s jaw and a special type of denture or bridge is created which can be snapped on and off the implants.

These are normally used when patients prefer removable denture/bridge or have a history of gum-related issues where the dentist may then recommend this type of restoration where they sit on implants as opposed to gums.  These offer more stable, firm, easier to maintain, and long term solution whilst avoiding issues from traditional denture or bridge.

Dental Implant Treatment Procedure

Dental Implant Procedure in London - NW1 Dental CareStep 1 – Consultation & Treatment Planning

Having a dental implant is a fairly simple and pain-free process. You are first booked in for a free consultation with the implant dentist, at which a full clinical examination is carried out to assess your suitability. This will involve taking study models, simple X-rays, and a full oral examination. A further 3D CT scan to help measure the bone density may also be needed. After the assessment, the dentist will have a discussion with you to make sure you understand what will happen before, during, and after the procedure. This is where you can ask any questions you might have.

A suitable treatment plan will be prepared with a sequence of the treatment and a breakdown of all costs associated with each step. As implants need to be placed in a healthy mouth, the treatment plan will consist of every step which may be a simple thing as hygiene treatment (to remove unwanted plaque, bacteria or tartar), bone grafting (if you have insufficient bone due to bone loss) or if your case requires placing a temporary tooth replacement so that you never have a visible gap throughout treatment, etc..

Step 2 – Implant placement

In this stage the area where the implant is to be placed is numbed with local anaesthetic (just like if you were to have a filling), so that no pain is felt. A small hole is drilled into the jawbone and the implant is surgically placed into it. X-Rays will be taken to ensure the implant is placed to the correct depth and angle. The implant is then covered over with a cover screw and left to heal.

Step 3 – Implant Integration

This is the time during which the implant area heals and integrates within the jaw bone. Your dentist will let you know how long depending on the case. During this time we can construct a temporary crown or denture for you so that you still have teeth in the area.

Step 4 – Prosthetics or Restoration

The final stage of the treatment is where the permanent artificial tooth or teeth are constructed. It can be a crown, bridge or a removable denture which is held firmly by ball-end implants which have been strategically placed in the mouth. This stage will require two appointments or more dependent on the type of structure constructed.

Aftercare and maintenance

Once the treatment is complete you will receive aftercare instructions from your dentist. Maintaining good oral hygiene, eating habits and regular visits to your dentist will help keep the implant healthy and could last you for a lifetime.

How Much Does Dental Implant Cost?

The cost really depends on a patient’s condition and how many implants they need. However, the price of Dental Implant treatment may vary from clinic to clinic depending on the materials they use.  In most cases, the initial cost of implants is slightly more than the cost of conventional treatments such as standard bridges or dentures, but they prove to be cost-effective over time and provide a more natural look compared to other options.

At NW1 Dental Care, we use the best materials and are very competitively priced compared to other clinics in London or the UK. You will see our prices for dental implants in our cost guide. We offer 100% Free no-obligation consultations so that you can be confident that you fully understand all of your options and what is best for you. Treatment can be made affordable with our range of finance options including 0% interest up to two years and low-interest rates for longer periods.



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