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Dental Anxiety and Nervous Patient Dentists in Camden, London

We understand that a lot of people get very anxious or nervous about even the thought of visiting a dentist. One survey showed that one in four people dread visiting a dentist. It could be that you worry thinking it might be painful treatment or maybe it brings back some bad memories from some previous dental experience of yourself of someone else that you might have heard or witnessed. Due to this, some people might have not visited the dental clinic for a long time, some since childhood.

At NW1 Dental care, we give special care so as to make the treatment of such nervous patients stress-free. Our staff are very friendly, polite and will ease you through the entire process. We have a lot of experience in dealing with a nervous patient in London so you won’t be the most anxious patient we have treated. No matter how embarrassing you might think your situation is we are here not to judge you but help you like all our other patients. We have dealt with a lot of nervous patients and understand that being able to talk through things with someone who can understand is a big relief so be assured that you are not the only one.

The biggest hurdle for nervous patients is first making the first contact and telling us that they have a problem. After that we would help them cope with their anxieties, we will listen to them, we will explain what is wrong, answer all their questions, provide them with all options so that they can make a decision, and explain the entire process so that there are no surprises. We will make sure the patient knows what happens next and is in control to halt/pause the treatment at any time for whatever reason.

For extremely nervous patients we do also offer certain medications or sedation which is suitable for both children and adults. Your dentist will advise which option is best suitable for you taking into account your existing medical conditions.

To find more or book an appointment please call 020748546265 or email info@nw1dentalcare.co.uk

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