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Cost of Dental Implants in London and UK

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How much do dental implants cost?

Dental Implants Cost in London

Dental implants are the most natural and comfortable way to replace missing teeth. They not offer a permanent solution but also help to preserve the facial structure and jaw bone tissue.

Dental implants have now been around for a while but for many people, it’s still a relatively new concept. Nowadays more and more people are choosing dental implants procedure as they realise that this option is more functionally and aesthetically preferable compared to having dental bridges or dentures.

Dental Implants London - Cost of Implants in London and UK

One common question for people seeking dental implant treatment in London or UK is “Does NHS provide dental Implant treatments ?”. Sadly, the answer to this is no. NHS won’t offer dental implant treatment if you have lost teeth due to age, poor maintenance of oral health or if you don’t have a specific medical condition. However, there may be few exceptions to the rule where NHS can offer free dental implants if for example, the patient has an underlying medical condition like mouth cancer or if they had a severe accident where they then require dental implants. You can read more about dental treatment available via NHS.

So even though most if not all candidates don’t qualify for NHS dental implant treatment they still prefer to opt for this solution via private route. So when considering the cost of private dental implant treatment and comparing quotes, patients should take into account the following points :

  • Longevity: Dental implants when placed properly and cared for, could last a lifetime compared to traditional alternatives of dentures and bridges. The alternatives even though are less expensive require repair and replacement every 5-10 years which makes it more expensive in long run.
  • Comfort and ease: Dental implants are not only beneficial in terms of long-term investment saving you money but also provide you a better quality of life. It is the closest thing to a natural tooth which then allows you to eat, clean, and maintain your teeth without any hassle and also avoid any possible embarrassment experienced by people using dentures. Dental implants don’t require any creams or solutions which are often required for dentures to maintain effectiveness.
  • Look and feel: Dental implants look and work just like natural teeth. They remain stable and firmly attached to the jaw compared to dentures which can often become loose, move around or fall out. Dental implants easily, seamlessly fit into your mouth whereas dentures can become loose, fall out, or maybe uncomfortable to wear due to slipping or imprecise fit issues and will also not be able to achieve the natural look obtained via dental implants.
  • The health of your jaw bone: As dental implants fuse with the jaw bone they strengthen it and stimulate bone growth which helps preserve the health of the jaw bone and avoid problems in the future. Whereas, in the case of a bridge or denture the jaw bone might get affected which leads to changes in facial structure.
  • Surrounding teeth: Dental implants help preserve the surrounding natural teeth whereas in the case of a bridge the tooth on either side of missing teeth has to be modified to support the bridge.

Comparing Dental Implants quotes in London and UK

One common question or searched phrase on the search engine is – “what is the cost of a dental implant ?“. If you have googled dental implant prices or cost on the internet, you will notice the costs of dental implant treatment varies from clinic to clinic. One should be careful when choosing for dental practices advertising “cheap dental implant treatment” as cheap isn’t always the best in the case of dental implants as you may eventually end up with a bigger repair bill. Dental Implants is one of the treatments where it pays to invest a little bit extra so we strongly advise you to choose your clinic carefully and spend a bit extra on a reputable clinic with expert and experienced dentists in placing dental implants.

When comparing the quotes for dental implants cost in London or the UK, it’s important to consider the cost of the following steps :

    • Dental Implant consultation
    • Tooth/root extraction
    • Bone grafting
    • Placement of the titanium root (the “dental implant”)
    • Placement of the crown
    • X-rays, pre/post-operative care

The average cost in the UK for a single implant is £2,415*, however, the precise cost of our treatment plan will need to be discussed by the dentist in your initial consultation.

The actual cost of dental implant treatment depends on patients’ individual needs i.e patients’ condition and no. of implants required. This price or quote may then differ from clinic to clinic based on the quality of dental implant material used, location of the clinic, and experience of the implant dentist.

At NW1 Dental Care, we only use the best high-quality implants for our patients and offer premium quality service from our experienced dentists who have been implanting teeth for many years now. Our costs of dental treatment are very affordable and extremely competitive compared to other dental implants clinic in London or UK.

Our dental implant prices start from £1,995.  You can find more information on our London dental implant prices in our cost guide. The final precise cost of your dental implant treatment can only be given after your consultation with the implant dentist at our clinic.

During the consultation, our dentist will examine your condition in more detail and provide you with a detailed treatment plan including a breakdown of costs based on the result of the CT scan. If required we can help arrange for a CT scan for you.

Our dentist will perform a thorough assessment of your mouth including :

    • Overall mouth condition and level of infection.
    • The structural integrity of the remaining teeth.
    • Your oral functionality.
    • Jawbone and surrounding muscles.
    • Existing bone density and potential for implant placement.
    • And the type of smile you want to achieve.

Currently, we offering 100% FREE no-obligation consultations so that you can ask all your questions face to face with the dentist and be confident that you fully understand all of your options and what is best for you. The team will also discuss our range of financing options including 0% APR for Dental implants we offer to make treatment accessible and affordable for everyone.

Schedule your FREE Initial Dental Implant consultation: Request Appointment

The only way to receive your accurate price quote is to contact us via phone, email, or use our online booking to make an appointment for a consultation where we can access your condition to check for suitability and offer you a precise cost for your case.

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