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Cost of Dental Implants in London & UK

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If you’re looking for a trusted dental implant expert in Camden, London who is highly experienced and exacting at placing and restoring dental implants, then NW1 Dental Care Practice can help. We offer FREE consultations so get in touch if you want to know more how we can help you get back your healthy smile.

The cost of dental implant treatment in London is dependent on various factors such as

1. Number of dental implants required :

The cost of treatment will be dependent on the number of implants you require. However, it should be noted that you do not necessarily require one implant per missing tooth. For example, if you have to replace all of your teeth in each jaw then you might just need just 4-6 dental implants.

2. Would you require any dental work to be done before starting the dental implant treatment :

If you need to have extra work done before commencing the procedure such as gum disease treatment,  tooth extractions, bone grafting etc.it will increase the cost of your treatment and you will be informed accordingly.

3. The complexity of the case :

Each case is different so some people might have a straightforward case and some might have a complex one which will increase the price. Below are some of the factor which could make the case complex :

  • Some people might not have enough thickness or depth of jawbone so bone grafting may be required to make the jaw framework strong enough to hold the implant
  • Some people undergo longer than normal healing time so they might require a denture or bridge to sit on top of implants in the interim
  • Some people might experience the jawbone rejecting implant in which case the patient treatment has to be reassessed and maybe a larger implant may be required
  • Some people might require more than one implant or need full jaw restoration for which they might need to do ‘All-on-4’ or ‘All-on-6’ treatment make the case more complex.

4. Dental Implant Brand and Crown :

There are many hundreds of implant companies ranging from well known pioneering brands to mass produced implants. The Initial cost of dental implants can vary depending on which brand of the implant is used and which dental lab is used for the crown. There are a number of labs with varying levels of standard and experience which can also affect the price. Labs that do mass production in low-cost countries are cheaper compared to a UK-based lab which do custom work on a case-by-case basis.

5. Things included in the quote :

The dental implant treatment requires BOTH Titanium anchor (implant) and a porcelain tooth (crown). A lot of places quote less for the treatment in order to attract patients but their cost only includes the implant. They then charge separately for the crown which again increases the price.

6. Cheap treatments abroad :

A lot of people travel to Eastern European countries to get cheap dental treatments. Whilst the treatment might be cheaper there a lot of people in the UK who then have to seek remedial work post carrying out treatment in foreign clinics. They may experience issues due to poorly manufactured, poor execution or technique, badly fitted or inferior materials being used, etc. which might result in serious problems requiring further work which will increase the cost significantly.

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