Cosmetic Bonding

Cosmetic Bonding in Camden, North London


NW1 Dental Care are pleased to offer our patients Cosmetic Bonding in Camden, North London.


What is Cosmetic Bonding?


Composite bonding is a dental technique that can transform damaged, chipped, broken, stained or teeth with unsightly gaps into beautiful pearly whites that dazzle, oftentimes in a single visit to your cosmetic dentist.


Several steps are involved in the composite bonding process:


  • Extensive cleaning of the tooth surface to remove any debris or tartar accumulation.
  • Preparation of colour-matched composite material
  • Protecting the tooth and keeping it dry with cotton rolls or a rubber dam
  • Shaping and gently roughing the surface with a special tool
  • Etching the tooth surface with a phosphoric-acid-based gel, to create the optimum composite bonding texture
  • Application of the bonding agent and curing by exposing it to a special light to activate and harden the material
  • Polishing and buffing of the new composite surface for a smooth, natural feel


Due to the aesthetic nature of composite bonding, it is best to utilise a dentist who a keen eye and artistic ability. Below is a real gallery of happy patients who have had bonding done at NW1 Dental Care.

Case Studies



I attended NW1 Dental Care for a cosmetic bonding procedure and I was extremely happy with the outcome as well as the treatment I received with Dr Anima Bodane. I would highly recommend to be seen by her particularly due to her attention to detail, she thoroughly explains the best options suited for your teeth, carefully explaining the procedure. The aftercare follows up to a high standard as Dr Anima Bodane sees you again two weeks after the procedure to ensure your happy and comfortable with your results. I cannot emphasis my experience enough, I just felt well looked after at NW1 Dental Care . I also waited 7 months to write this review and my results are still as perfect as when I first had the procedure in January 2018. Thank you very much for giving me more confidence , I cannot stop smiling Long Braids

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