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If you suffer from tooth loss or experiencing missing teeth then it makes the simplest of tasks difficult and leads to some discomforting experiences. The reason people replace missing teeth is mainly to enable them to chew or bite their food easily or for cosmetic reasons.

There are however more nasty and unpleasant long term effects due to missing teeth which should make people consider getting teeth replacements.

Effects of loss of teeth :

  • Missing teeth may alter facial features: Without proper support from teeth the person may experience the following
    • Wrinkles
    • Deformation of face
    • Lips and skinn to cave in
    • Shrinkage of tooth bone
    • Droopy cheeks
Consequence of missing teeth - Dental Implant clinic in London

Over time the bone shrinks in the area of the mouth where you have lost a tooth or missing teeth. This results in altering the facial structure and you begin to lose your face shape if you are without teeth for a long time.

  • The remaining teeth might get misaligned, loosen or drift into the gap : With the gap the adjoining teeth might move in making it difficult to chew, bite and make the teeth misaligned creating further problems and in some cases also destabilizing roots leading to a wobbly tooth or ultimately tooth loss.
  • It could lead to jaw bone loss in the area of tooth loss
  • It can affect your speech as lack of teeth makes pronunciation of certain words difficult and sometimes people may have a whistling sound when they speak.
  • It can affect your diet and nutrition:  Lack of teeth might limit the food intake as people might be able to bite or chew properly without pain i.e limit the food you eat and in some instances eat less which would affect the overall health.
  •  It will also result in uneven distribution of your bite force i.e the other teeth will have to work more or take more pressure which will affect their health eventually.
  • It can also cause chronic headaches and sinus expansion

For all these reasons it’s important to replace the missing teeth as soon as you can.

Most people underestimate the impact of missing teeth but the above changes are likely to occur to some extent and mostly with patients who have lost multiple or all their teeth. However, by taking proper steps are taken then we can get rid of all these issues with a perfect solution for missing teeth.

Treatment Options for missing teeth

Dental Implants are the best-proven solution for tooth loss or missing teeth. They are a better option compared to traditional dentures due to their natural look, comfortability, reliability, and durability.

NW1 Dental Care is proud to offer dental implants and has helped many patients restore their smiles, get back their confidence and avoid all issues of traditional dentures. If you would like to discuss dental implants in London, call us to arrange your free initial chat with our dental implant expert where you can discuss your situation, find out what the various treatment options entail and their prices.

Our cost is more affordable tooth implant cost compared to other clinics in the UK. To make it more accessible for our patients we offer convenient pay-as-you-go and 0% interest  dental implant financing options to help spread the cost of the treatment

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