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DENTAL CONE BEAM CT SCAN in Camden and London

CBCT SCAN in London

A dental cone-beam CT (CBCT Scans) is a machine that provides high-resolution 3D images to get more precise information of bone structure and tooth orientation. The procedure is pain-free and a dental CBCT scan takes around just 20 seconds.

Where typical dental x-rays focus on a small area to produce a flat 2D image, CBCT scans combine dental X-rays and computerized tomography to create a 3D image of the jaws, including the bone shape and structure, soft tissues, and teeth.

Your dentist may request a CT scan for multiple reasons but it is mostly requested for dental implants planning and orthodontics (teeth straightening) to diagnose and plan an optimal treatment for patients.


How long does a 3D dental scan take?

The scan part only takes around 20 seconds but the entire procedure including the preparation stage takes approximately 20-30 mins.

What is the procedure of having a 3D dental CT scan?

You will be asked to stand still or be seated during the procedure. The machine will go around you and take high-resolution 2D images and then combines with a 3D scan in around less than 20 seconds during which you are not to talk, swallow or move your jaw.

How should you prepare for a 3D dental scan?

Patients are to remove any metal attachments, jewellery, clothing, glasses, hairpins, hearing aids, and any other accessories during the procedure.

When do I receive the results ?

We would provide the results to your clinician within one working day.

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