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Composite Veneers in London

Same Day Veneers in Camden, London

Always wanted that perfect smile but don’t want to wait weeks for the lab work to finally arrive? Or want cheap veneers? NW1 Dental Care has the solution, we offer composite veneers to our patients in Camden & London which is a type of veneer option that is ideal for people who want quick, affordable veneers that serve as a cost-effective solution to repair and improve the appearance of the teeth.

Same day veneers are known as Composite Veneers or direct veneers are simply composite veneers which are made of composite material. It is a cheaper and faster veneer option that can be applied in one appointment as these veneers are prepared by the dentist in the surgery as opposed to porcelain veneers which are made in a lab and require few visits to the dentist. They are mostly used to improve the appearance of a smile and fix smaller occurrences such as chipping of teeth or the discolouring of teeth. .However, that they are not as aesthetically pleasing or natural looking as porcelain ones and can also be easily chipped, broken or stained.

The treatment process is pain-free and involves applying layers of composite to your tooth, for the layers to be moulded to fit your desired length and shape of teeth. The composite is hardened using a curing light and then polished to give instant results.

Uveneers at NW1 Dental Care

At NW1 Dental Care we also use Uvneers system which is an innovative veneer template system that is endorsed by leading cosmetic dentists around the world and was created by a dentist for the dentist. The Uveneers system was designed to make it easier and faster for dentists to create direct composite veneers with predictable shape, polish, and symmetry, in one visit only making the results great for both dentist and patient!

Our cosmetic dentist uses an organically modified compo-ceramic material that mimics the appearance of beautiful, healthy teeth. The material is carefully shaped over the teeth and a special template placed over to create an even, beautiful new smile.

Quick, long-lasting, and easy to repair, same-day veneers are increasingly becoming the treatment of choice for small, chipped, eroded, large unsightly filled or slightly crooked teeth.

Cost of Composite Veneers in London

We offer free veneers consultations for our patients where the dentist will listen to your concerns, we find out what clients don’t like about their teeth and what type of smile is required. If you are suitable for composite or same-day veneers you will be given full cost breakdown of your treatment depending on your case i.e no. of teeth and any dental issues to be fixed before treatment. Our cost of Uveneers starts from £400 which is very competitive and very reasonably priced compared to other dental clinics in and around London.


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