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Cheap discounts aren’t always good, safe and effective !

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Many business offers huge discounts to treatments in order to get customers.  Despite being cheaper many a times the products & services offered by these places isn’t good and not up to the regulatory or industry standard which can sometimes lead to problems. In terms of products it could be an inferior product which is used as a substitute to cut down the price which isn’t safe, as per regulatory standards and ultimately not that effective to give desired results. In terms of services whilst the treatment price is discounted many a times the actual treatment time is also reduced which then doesn’t give the expected results thus luring people to take the treatments thinking they getting a good deal.

Classic example of this is teeth whitening, where prices are clashed for treatments along with treatment time (sessions) or cheaper substitute is used for whitening that can sometimes lead to problems including irritation to gums and lips caused by ill-fitting trays and inferior or overly active bleaching formulas.

So next time you come across cheap deals or discounts, compare and check that the product and services are up to industry standard and safe before going ahead with the treatment. Your health is most important so be careful !

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