Can You Cure Chronic Bad Breath?

21 Aug Can You Cure Chronic Bad Breath?

Suffering from bad breath ? Wondering if there is a cure ? Well you are not the only one as bad breath is a common problem affecting lot of people but mostly middle ages and older category of population. It not only leads to personal impact and social  embarrassment but also affects those on receiving end. It is a serious issue which has lead to thriving fresh breath industry (chewing gums, mints, mouthwash) worth billion of pounds.

So what is the reason for bad breath? The obvious easily explainable reasons could be instances that occur after smoking or immediately after consuming certain foods or morning breath that’s due to dryness. However, there are other major reasons which could lead to bad breath like Halitosis which results from untreated gum (periodontal) disease or from proteins trapped on the tongue area where they are processed by bacteria. This causes formation of sulphur compounds  which is responsible for bad breath.

Generally speaking, yes, you can cure and get rid of  halitosis or at least control it but in order to do so your first step is to visit the dentist to determine what is causing the Halitosis. Book an appointment with our expert London dental team in Camden if you suffer from bad breath !

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