Compare Enlighten B1 vs Philips Zoom teeth whitening in London

All you need to know : Enlighten vs Zoom Teeth Whitening treatments

Nowadays there are so many teeth whitening treatment options to choose from that can be performed at home or dental clinic. Among them, Enlighten and Philips Zoom are the most advanced premium whitening treatments currently available that really stand out and are popular among people looking for mouthfuls of pearly whites. But which among this two is better ??

For people who have never done teeth whitening treatment the first thing to decide is which type of process to go for – home whitening (At home kit) or In-Surgery/Chairside whitening (approx. 1 hour in clinic).  The big question then is whether you try Enlighten teeth whitening or its (slightly less expensive) counterpart, Philips Zoom teeth whitening.

Both these professional teeth whitening treatments are cost upwards of £700 in central London, so before picking one to hand over your money you need to be aware of pros and cons for each one. Based on London’s top cosmetic dentists who treat famous celebrities (such as Rita Ora, Cheryl Cole, etc.) below is the breakdown of how these two whitening treatments differ and which one is worth going for or best suited for you.


Enlighten system is also known as “Enlighten Deep Balancing System” is a premium whitening brand that typically combines two methods – Home whitening and in-clinic teeth whitening session. The cost of procedures may go up to £900 in London. However, some clinics in London given enlighten teeth whitening special offers for a limited period of time.

Advantage of Enlighten Teeth Whitening :

  • Enlighten system is the only whitening treatment in the world that guarantees to lighten teeth by upto 16 shades or Vita B1 (extremely light shade, at the top of whitening scale) to 98% of patients. No other system can do this without causing any damage to tooth enable.
  • It really works – you will notice the difference within a few days
  • You can continue the treatment at home afterwards. Enlighten top ups are available which could be used to maintain or enhance your white teeth post-treatment
  • It has lower sensitivity compared to other whitening products. The whitening gels have a neutral pH making enlighten product less likely to trigger any sensitivity or/and irritation.
  • Completely safe with lower levels of hydrogen peroxide and the process works straight through the enamel without harming the tooth surface

Disadvantages of Enlighten teeth whitening treatment :

  • It costs more than other systems as the trays, gels and materials required for Enlighten are much more expensive than other systems.
  • It requires 3 visits to surgery to complete the treatment and during the duration of treatment strict procedural protocol must be followed like avoid red wine, black coffee, tomato Bolognese – any food or drink with strong colours


Phillps Zoom is a bleaching process that is a popular and widely used professional teeth whitening system carried out in the dental clinic. It boosts the bleaching process by activating hydrogen peroxide using a Philips zoom led light. As the hydrogen peroxide breaks down, oxygen enters into the enamel and dentin to bleach the stained areas. For best results, it’s recommended to have teeth clean for whitening treatment to give best results. The cost of the procedure may go up to £600 in London. However, some clinics do offer discounted promo prices for Philips Zoom whitening.

Advantage of Philips Zoom Whitening :

  • It only requires one dental visit of around one hour treatment time
  • It’s an ideal option for people who want a quick fix for a special occasion or top-up or who don’t want to go through the lengthy home whitening process
  • You can achieve up to 8 shades lighter teeth so probably the easiest and quickest teeth whitening system to give you such a result
  • It uses advanced technology so unlike some other laser teeth whitening it isn’t agonizingly painful

Disadvantages of Philips Zoom Whitening :

  • The process could be awkward or discomforting for some people as you have three or four 15 minutes long cycles with a rubber dam put over your mouth and lips and UV light is shone onto your teeth
  • Temporary tooth sensitivity is common
  • On average for most people, the teeth will stay white for a year if proper care is taken and then another top-up session might be required

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