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Advantages of Implant Supported Dentures

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Denture Implants & Implant Retained Dentures

Are you suffering from partial or full teeth loss ? If so then Implant-supported dentures also called as Same day teeth, All-on-4, same day smile, or same day dental implants is the latest dental technique to restore your missing teeth. This treatment not only restores your ability to bite and chew but it also boosts overall functions of the mouth whilst improving the appearance your teeth by offering you long-lasting natural-looking teeth.

Dental implants have revolutionised restorative dentistry. Now dental implants not only replace a single tooth but it can be used for multiple teeth replacement. It is now the most sought-after restorative treatment in London compared to traditional dentures which often becomes loose over time due to bone remodeling and reabsorption. With the advancement in dentistry, dental implants can now be used to stabilise or support the removable dentures. With as few as four to six implants placed in strategic positions in the jaw can help anchor dentures in the mouth. Only one surgical visit is required to place the implants in the jawbone. Some sort of special fittings are used to attach the dental implants to the dentures which can easily be removed to clean and place them back.

Advantages of Implant-supported Dentures :

– Implant supported Dentures are a better option compared to using traditional dentures. Most Denture wearers will know that traditional dentures that sit on gums become loose and result in slippage or falling out of place making it very discomforting and annoying. Implant-supported dentures are anchored to fixed implants which are actually fused with jawbone so they won’t have the problem associated with traditional dentures.

– Patient choosing Implant supported Dentures or Bridge will have better speech enhancement and will see a drastic difference

– Implant supported Dentures are the best option if you looking for aesthetics. They provide remarkable smile makeover enhancing your looks and boost confidence

– Implant supported Dentures are the most efficient, comfortable, low-cost treatment over the long run

– Implant supported Dentures prevent bone loss which normally occurs when natural teeth are lost

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